Best Extension To Grow Your Business

Star Sender, a Google Chrome extension, is a highly rated and effective productivity and communication tool for businesses. The extension offers a range of basic features, all of which are available to users for free on a lifetime basis.

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How To Use

Step 1

Enter the numbers you want to send the message to, separated by comma

Step 2

Enter the message that you'd like to send.

Step 3

You Can Easily Add Attachment By Ticking The Add Attachment Checkbox.


Get a detailed report of your campaigns to improve sales and utilize Prime Sender to the fullest.

File Attachment

You can attach and send images, document, videos, etc along with your message to users

Customise your message

You can customise your message according to the customer with their name, email, order number,etc.

Bulk messaging

Send Bulk Messages to your clients to create higher conversion.

Quick Response

You can respond to your customers quickly, with pre-saved responses

Active support

You can click on 'Live Support' on the extension to get your queries resolved. We also provide call and video support.

Upload excel of numbers

You can directly upload an excel sheet of numbers you want to send your message to without having to type or copy paste

Download contacts from group

You can get a detailed download of all the contacts from a group including the ones you have not saved

Message Formatting

You can format your message - BOLD, italic, strikethrough and Emojis